Thank you

I want to thank my father, Newton Enkel, for giving me a great time on vacation in Scotland when I was 12. We visited Skaterow and Stonehaven and Dad pointed out the houses in which our ancestors had lived. I remember being shown a copy of Brownlow's painting "Baptism from the jail at Stonehaven" and told that the girl in the tartan shawl was my great great grandmother, Ann Christie. If you want to read more click on Tolbooth at Stonehaven.

A big thank you to my cousin Robert Mathewson for sharing his findings about our ancestors. Also for his in depth research about the villages of the north-east coast. Read more about "The Havens of Fetteresso Parish". (To be able to read the articles more easily: copy the text and paste it in Word.)

Bob Kinahan has helped and supported me enormously. He has trancsribed the Skaterow Census Records that made my project possible. He also sent me a copy of his extensive family tree that helped me a lot in bridging the generation gaps.

Stuart Christie has a great home page packed with interesting stuff.

A far away Christie is Andrew Christie in Australia. He very kindly sent me a copy of his ancestor report and has given me suggestions for future contents of the pages.

Thanks also to Valerie Crowe, Lesley Finlayson and Flora Stevens for sharing their family trees.

Colin Milne has an impressive homepage. Go here if you like me enjoy reading about interesting facts about the area. He has also helped me by sending gravestone inscriptions and photos.

I also want to thank everyone with ancestors from Skaterow for sharing research results with me and encouraging me in my project.