About me

I'm Swedish by birth and half-British by my ancestry. I'm a trained massage therapist and I supply massage therapy and health advice for private clients and company employees.

I had researched my Scottish ancestors for some time when my husband and I went to Scotland in 1999 to learn more. He fell in love with this beautiful country, for me it was like revisiting a part of myself. We spent a jam packed two weeks looking at maps, books, archives, streets, houses and churches.

What I remember most vividly, apart from meeting sheep in one of the graveyards, is seeing and touching grave-stones from the 18th century and knowing that there lies the remains of my ancestors.

We met a lot of wonderful people, always friendly and helpful. From the strangers we stopped in the street to ask for directions to the professionals at the libraries of Aberdeen and Stonehaven. And this in spite of them probably meeting scores of foreigners all looking for dead relatives.